the internet is crashing. get to safety.

find your escape pod.

get out.

search engines track you. social media follows you. . . everywhere. the mob will cancel you for that thing you said 20 years ago.

the internet is not a safe place to be.

please move toward the exits

proceed in an orderly fashion to the front where we have our friendly escape pod experts available to get you to safety. upon purchase you will receive a "call sign token" which is your digital key to your escape pod. you will use this to prove that you are the owner of the ship, unlock it, and pilot your pod around the network. each pod's call sign is assigned to you randomly from a bank of 64,000 possibilities. there are no duplicates, no do overs, and no trading. your call sign is yours and yours alone. forever. nobody can take it from you. even if the escape pod store went out of business tomorrow, then you would still own your escape pod for the next 1,000 generations; free to roam the universe.

phase 1

escape to your pod. you will be disoriented, and space will be unfamiliar. as you get your bearings, you will begin to feel more at home.

phase 2

get familiar with the flight controls. your escape pod comes with a fully functioning communication suite. it includes the ability to form groups where other pilots can gather to chat, write, and share links to interesting information. it's a community in space.

phase 3

now that you have the hang of navigating the stars, it is time to shift focus towards long term planning. with the addition of future features your pod becomes a ship capable of interstellar travel. you are now free to explore the universe of ideas.

phase 4

it is now the distant future. generations have passed, and your descendants honor your name among the cities and planets that can all be traced back to one brave soul who recognized that the future lies in building tomorrow.

back to present. what is it, exactly?

passenger terms

your escape pod is a way for you to escape the burning wreckage of google, facebook, email, and other mega-corps. by relying on their free services, we have opened ourselves to be watched, tracked, and laid naked to organizations that sell our personal lives at our expense. the only long term solution is to help people manage their own networks where they can build communities with people they trust, and nobody else.

pilot terms

your escape pod is an overlay os and server that runs within any unix environment. it is a clean slate approach to truly personal networked computing. it is a suite of tools that you can use to share social graphs in the form of groups, chats, notebooks, and link aggregators. since it is a true computer, you can build new functionality as you see fit. you own it forever; make it yours.

name. address. identity. all in one.

each escape pod comes with its own call sign. this is your single log in, network address, and avatar all rolled into one. here's what they look like:
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offering the world's premiere solution for escaping the burning wreckage of the internet as we know it. punch out. remain calm. set your course and fly towards the stars.
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