your pod.

there are two options. one suited for passengers (non-techical) and one suited for pilots (technically proficient).


receive your fully functional escape pod ready for use. log in and it is ready to go. do not worry about updating it or touching anything under the hood. you can take over full pilot authority at any time.
available in the future


if you know your way around NFTs, the unix command line, and getting your hands dirty, then this is the option for you. we send you the ERC-720 escape pod NFT "call sign," and off you go. you pilot it yourself. 
one time purchase


only what you need


secured by crypto


it is a computer built to last


just you and your friends


open source means build on it

no artificial intelligence

built for humans. not robots.
get your call sign


your escape pod is not built to do everything. it is designed to do one thing above all: be a tool you can depend on.

what do you think?

are  you ready to take control over your social media? opt out of the mega-corp wreckage of surveillance capitalism?
cannot be cancelled
you own it completely
it only does what you tell it to
no hidden algorithms
simple. durable. dependable.

You already know it, but your escape pod is rad.

get your call sign

escape pod store

offering the world's premiere solution for escaping the burning wreckage of the internet as we know it. punch out. remain calm. set your course and fly towards the stars.
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